Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Now, that's something...

Looks like online form of expression is being recognized more and more by traditional media professionals lately. Some great news come from the Pulitzer organization that has just awarded the first prize in its history to journalism done on the Internet. The staff of The Times-Picayune was recognized for "a distinguished example of local reporting of breaking news, presented in print or online or both" during Katrina hurricane and its aftermath. The coverage of the disaster by this newspaper was trully amazing, considering the conditions on the ground and that the newspaper had to transform itself into primarily an online news outlet, getting some 30 million page hits per day.

It seems that it won't take too long before "pure" bloggers start getting top journalism awards...

Also, if there's any doubt that blogging is increasingly embraced by the msm, hear this extremely thought-provoking lecture by The Guardian's editor Alan Rusbridger and see this list of "The Best Blogging Newspapers in the U.S."


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